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Hunting News, Events & Features

On this page you'll find all the latest game bird hunting news, events and comment articles from across New Zealand.

Know your waterfowl - improve your odds

Understanding waterfowl can aid you hunting success. Different species have different habits so knowing a little bit about the birds can be to the hunter’s advantage. With the game bird hunting season opening May 7, 2016), former Hawke’s Bay Fish & Game field officer Tom Winlove has written three excellent articles on Duck Habits, Grey Ducks, and the NZ Shoveler, in a bid to help hunters come to grips with some key target species. For more information on New Zealand game bird species click here.

Game bird hunting Code of Conduct

Fish & Game's hunting Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.

How to build a maimai - plans and construction guidelines

A well constructed and maintained maimai or stand can only reflect positively on the pursuit of waterfowl hunting and ultimately contribute to an assurance that future generations of Kiwis will have the privilege of participating. Auckland Waikato Fish & Game has put together two excellent resources on Maimai Construction Guidelines and detailed Maimai Construction Plans

Keeping you kids in the game

“Dad, it’s cold, can we go home,” “I’m bored,” “There’s never any ducks dad, let’s just go…” - Ever heard that from your kids before? Click here for a short article by Fish & Game's Andrew Currie outlining how you can keep your kids in the maimai until the action starts.

Decoys: To flap, or not to flap...

Fish & Game's Andrew Currie explores the versatility of motorised duck decoys and explores whether they actually work. Click here to read more.